An unmatched opportunity to engage in-person with customers and prospects, events are an impactful means of communicating a brand’s message and story

The Content Marketing Institute ranks in-house events as the most effective form of content marketing, with 81% of brands staging at least one event per year.

But with the corporate event calendar becoming increasingly cluttered, brands must create forums that address the day’s most pressing issues, and which feature a number of themes with a varied and appealing speaker roster.

Studies conducted by EventMB reveal that planners are most concerned about creating innovative ideas. They also find the marketing of their events challenging, among other concerns.

At CP5, we assist brands with the production of in-house events, and create content assets top be published before, during and post these meetings.

Our network of event producers have experience at producing both proprietary and in-house events across a multitude of industries, for both business and consumer delegates.

Leveraging our capabilities across editorial, design and video, we create events that connect with audiences long before and long after they take place. What is often viewed as a one-off project can be the nucleus of a long-tail campaign, stretching over several months and connecting with customers at all touch points.

Our event offering includes pre-event services, live reporting and post-event content.

With networking and learning the top priorities of event attendees, according to EventMB, producing an event that is relevant to attendee challenges and which brings together like-minded individuals is paramount — items CP5 consistently delivers upon.

To enquire about our event capabilities, or to view our previous work, talk to us.