A powerful communication tool, video engages the most relaxed of viewers, quickly builds trust, and consistently performs well when compared to other content forms

It’s no accident that the second most visited website globally behind Google is YouTube, according to Alexa. People of all backgrounds love video, and business viewers are no different.

The success of video is mostly owed to its ease of engagement. Viewers don’t need to concentrate as much video content, finds DreamGrow. And according to Invodo, 60% of people trust video over other content forms.

At CP5, we believe video plays an important role in diversifying a brand’s content mix, complimenting editorial and design. Whether hosted on platforms such as Vimeo, or embedded in a company website, they play an vital part in engaging readers with a brand’s message.

Perhaps more significantly, they provide business leaders with a platform with which to showcase their thought-leadership. With YouTube attracting more than 1.3 billion unique users a year, the sky really is the limit.

There are a wide variety of formats that marketers can leverage to communicate their message. We recommend talking-heads, interviews, animated infographics, documentaries, or a combination of all of these — historically these formats perform well, in terms of time on site, likes and shares.

To ensure product quality, we work with some of the best producers in Singapore, many of whom have created assets for household brands, at home or overseas. Our producers work closely with our editors, who craft the storyboard and ensure all assets are on-message and on-brand.

With 20% of viewers abandoning clips within the first 10 seconds, and with almost half leaving by the one-minute mark, according to Visible Measures, we recommend business videos to be short and to the point.

Our approach to video mirrors our editorial process by offering strategic, distribution and measurement services — either applied to video assets only, or to content leveraging multiple formats.

To enquire about our video capabilities, talk to us.