The Project Newsroom

Your challenge: “We have a large-scale project, but don’t have the resources or ideas to publicise it, and keep all stakeholders informed of its progress.”

CP5’s solution: ‘The Project Newsroom’ — a real-time new team to tackle your high-visibility stakeholder engagement project to exacting standards.

Brand executives typically welcome the idea of having a team of reporters delivering cutting-edge content during their focal-point event or campaign launch. Yet many lack the front-line knowledge and methodology required to meet the demands, and create cutting-edge on-brand stories when the pressure is on.

The answer?

An agile team of seasoned editors, journalists, photographers, designers and videographers, combining more than 40 years’ experience, and a track-record for creating content for major projects like:

  • Industry summits
  • Inter-governmental forums
  • Product and campaign launches
  • Annual report launches
  • Industry research announcements
  • Company or market response events
  • Science and industry news conferences

For these to be successful, brands must fully engage with all stakeholders, and ensure that opportunities are optimised using proven and trending content formats, within a positive and news-savvy package, for the entirety of the project.

To discover how this will work for your brand and what it entails, talk to us.