Staging an Activation Event

Your challenge: “We need to create a credible market forum, which reflects today’s social restrictions, yet cuts through the noise to attract and engage with its audience.”

CP5’s solution: ‘Staging an Activation Event’ — a hosted programme that encompasses a chosen menu of moving parts, combining a strong story-driven programming and smart customer outreach.

Let’s assume the big-bang event you’ve staged for years is out of question. Yet you’re under pressure to produce an activation that reflects today’s social restrictions, yet still attracts and engages a quality audience. The staging of impactful hybrid events, attended both in-person and virtually, adds complexity to an already complicated production agenda. The sheer number of webinars being staged at the moment adds further pressure.

This can feel overwhelming.

Yet to produce a successful event you need:

  • A news-driven team to manage and oversee all moving parts
  • A tight and head-turning agenda
  • A robust marketing strategy that engages attendees across relevant touch points
  • A programme delivered both virtually and in-person
  • Seasoned skilled professionals to execute each task

Our experienced team takes on all of the above, from ideation through marketing and production, to post-event activities. We remove the hassle of staging an activation event, making your task, to engage with your customers, more seamless.

To discover how this will work for your brand and what it entails, talk to us.