Bringing together all elements of the content ecosystem, publications are an effective tool in delivering information to businesses and consumers, whether in print or online

Leveraging our capabilities across editorial, design, video and distribution, our publishing business features two practice areas: proprietary publishing, and custom publishing.

Currently, we publish two titles: Financials, a publication exploring all facets of the financial services industry in Asia, including banking, capital markets, insurance, regulation, government financing, fintech, tax and much more. And Algorithms, and science and technology title exploring innovation across multiple industries and sectors, including ICT, energy and natural resources, healthcare, transportation, defence and security, manufacturing, and much more.

Our custom publishing business creates assets on behalf of clients, where CP5 manages the end to end process, from ideation, to creation and production, and to marketing and distribution.

Our outsourcing capabilities include traditional publishing functions such as editorial planning and commissioning; web build and art work; print production; project management; distribution and performance analytics; and much more.

A noteworthy development in the past decade is the rise of content hubs — online titles where brands present themselves as thought-leaders, and act as a source of industry information.

The past few years has also seen the renaissance of print publishing. Seen as a high-end product, brands ranging from banks to hotels are revisiting the print format to support their positioning as high-end entities.

Having expertise and experience in all of the above is key to realising a title, whether in-house or proprietary — as is having oversight and the ability to progress projects from one stage of the publishing cycle to the next, smoothly and without hindrance.

Our experience at creating and managing publications enables us to outsource titles on behalf of corporate clients and publishers. With more than 50 years combined publishing experience, we offer a service that is competitive and highly knowledgeable of the publishing businesses, whether that’s in print or online.

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