Professional Services

Providing high value to firms from a wide variety of sectors, professional service firms present solutions without which businesses, big and small, would struggle to remain competitive

As a professional service business ourselves, we understand the unique situation firms find themselves in. 

Whether law firm, accountant, recruiter or management consultant, not only must they be highly competent in their niche area of expertise, they must also have an intricate knowledge of the industries and individual businesses they serve.

Added to this, almost all segments are undergoing rapid transformation.

The legal industry, for example, is being disrupted by foundation technologies AI, big data and blockchain: computers are able to make smart decisions about cases, big data is uncovering trends that appear to be breaking the proverbial mould, and blockchain is seeing conventional agreements being replaced by smart contracts.

Similarly, the creative industry is undergoing transformation change from a labour-intensive ‘people-first’ business, to one where machines work side by side with staff to gain once unthinkable levels of understanding about user preferences and experiences, and where and how to best position a brand.

The advent of technology and emergence of niche providers is forcing legacy players to rethink their business models and pricing structures. No longer can firms charge the fees they used to without demonstrating high value. No longer can they rely on a lack of supply to remain competitive.

Today, two areas matter: talent with superior knowledge, experience, expertise and creativity; and brand values coupled with a strong sense of purpose.

At CP5, we understand the unique position professional service firms compete in today. Like most segments, we have the knowledge across a wide variety of industries, be that financial services, IT, energy and natural resources, transportation, healthcare, retail and consumer and much, much more.

Serving a wide range of firms, our professional services practice supports the following industries:

  • Legal and regulatory
  • Tax and accountancy
  • Recruitment and executive search
  • Management consulting
  • Advertising and creative
  • Talent and events management (arts, culture and entertainment)
  • Sports marketing

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