The healthcare industry has brought about transformational change in Asia. We believe it will rapidly advance over the forthcoming decade, with continued public and private sector investment

Few industries have the ability to uplift society as impactful as healthcare.

Across health services, medical technology (MedTech) and drug development, scientific advancements throughout the region mean that life expectancies and birth rates are rising, diseases are being challenged, and people are fitter and healthier than before.

Government spending continues to rise: across North Asia, ASEAN and the Indian subcontinent, public sector bodies are committing significant amounts of capital to healthcare initiatives: In Singapore, for instance, the government committed S$4 billion in 2016 to drive research and commercialisation activities in health and biomedical sciences.

Aside from service and scientific advancements, communication is playing a key role in driving healthier and more informed populations. According to IPOS, 90% of people residing within Asia search for medical information online to understand illnesses, and diagnose them if applicable.

This has placed an unprecedented emphasis on the importance of factually correct, timely and easy-to-access information.

While it could be argued that the onus of supplying such information must fall on health service providers, including clinics and hospitals, as well as universities and government agencies — the entire ecosystem, we assert, has a responsibility to communicate information to the general public, businesses and the wider healthcare community.

As a business content provider, our work features stories about the development of MedTech innovation; insights on how a particular drug was developed, and how it is being deployed in use-case scenarios; and stories of how health providers are enabling workforces and their families to go about their lives uninterrupted, with the security of knowing they will receive care if needed.

Our work in healthcare focuses on four areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • MedTech
  • Health services and facilities
  • Fitness and wellbeing

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