Energising the Point of Sale

Your challenge: “We cannot move our customers further down the sales funnel, due to a lack of in-person engagement and their reluctance to reach out to us during the crisis.”

Our solution: ‘Energising the Point of Sale’ — a programme that drives sales through brand stories, SEO and online engagement.

Mid-to-lower funnel customers know your brand. It’s likely your products were in their plan. And it’s even possible that they were about to engage with you, before COVID-19 changed their landscape.

What do they need now?

They need straight forward contextual data and information that:

  • Connects them with the measurable benefits of your product
  • Addresses key context questions about impact, performance and market conditions
  • Explains how the product is successfully utilised by other buyers
  • Suggests to them what actions to consider next
  • Is delivered to them on a preferred platform

Together with our team of world-class journalists, SEO experts, graphic and video artists, and amplification strategists, we will help you devise a bespoke, immediate and cost-effective programme to energise and activate your sales pipeline.

To discover how this can work for your brand and what it entails, talk to us.

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