Good health as a team sport

A number of skilled professionals are entering the health space, eager to make the conversation around health more proactive and less daunting

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Brand Storytelling: 22 Trends that Matter this Year

From climate action, to data-driven stories, Zoom fatigue and more, the trends we think will be further embraced this year

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How a Single Story can Make Every Bit of Difference to the World

The best stories connect the struggle and the strength of one person to everyone else

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Need to Boost Sales? Start Boosting Your Leadership Voice

CP5 takes a close look at five ways that brand storytelling can help you to bolster your sales mission

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Anatomy of a Brand Story — Airbnb

We keep hearing that the best brands tell the best stories, so what do the world’s smartest brand stories achieve?

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How to Unleash Your Own Story

Telling a better story is a challenge for all of us, and in business it can be what separates the good from the great

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Resetting Reality: How to Lead Towards a Silver Lining

The demands of leading staff and your brand narrative beyond conflict situations can at times feel like a bridge too far

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What Will the Covid Business Recovery Look Like? Look to Travel and Learn

Other business sectors can learn from the sector's recovery during SARS

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